When to buy Tata Motors & Bank of Baroda

buy Tata Motors & Bank of Baroda

buy Tata Motors & Bank of Baroda

Hello friends, as you can see the market has been falling for many days, small stocks have fallen and they are very difficult to recover. But those who are big market players who are big stocks, such a decline is not usually seen. And common investors also believe that those stocks will not fall so much, now I will not talk about more stocks I will just talk about Bank of Baroda and Tata Motors here which I think you should invest according to me, The rest, you will do your own analysis, I will talk about Tata Motors and Bank of Baroda, which are well-known stocks.

  • Tata Motors

First of all, let's talk about Tata Motors, Tata Motors is chairman Ratan Tata and every trader and investor knows about this company. Whose stock is trading today on 120 Rs the day of 8 August 2019 which is on approx its 2010 low, Now if you buy this stock at a rate around 110 and now hold it for 1 or 2 years, this stock will comfortably cross 250. Right now the recession is going on, but this is also the time to buy, I will talk in normal language. I will not show any chart nor do I have analyzed for this thing. I work on products, what is the demand of which company's product in the market, I depend on that thing. but only when you do will you know something

Tata Motors, which is an auto sector company, whose chairman is Ratan Tata, when talking about T.M market cap, is Tata Motors market cap of around 35000 crores. That too when there is a slowdown in the market, this stock will be above 250 within 1 to 2 years because the company fundamental strong, is the stock which is falling right now, this is the best and golden opportunity to invest. Warren Buffett, who is the world's richest investor, also says that you should invest in any company when it is on the operating table and not when it is on its high. When a road is under-constructed or broken, it is cheaper to buy a house or property on that road. But after that road is built, property prices automatically increase. So I want to tell the people, you imagine the location and assess if the stock has a good hold in the market of the product, then the stock will show growth in the future

  • Bank of Baroda

Now we will talk about the Bank of Baroda, which is trading today at Rs 97 on 8 August 2019, Whose 52-week low is 91 rupees. There was a news about Bank of Baroda in 2018 that Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank are being merged with Bank of Baroda. And the whose impact is not yet lying on Bank of Baroda share, but it is not that it will not be seen either. I have also told this many times in my previous post that when any big company takes any action, it takes a lot of time. And anyway, the phase of recession is still in the market. market giving chance Common traders and investors to invest in the market and earn good returns. And not only these 2 shares, there are many other stocks in which you can invest, but I have covered only these 2 stocks to make you reach the market, and in the future, I can share my knowledge with you by post.

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