what is Binary Options trading & Can millions of rupees be earned from binary options trading

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what is Binary Options trading

Hello, nowadays a lot of ads are coming on the internet, be it a share, currency, commodity or cryptocurrency, here you can invest for 1 minute and invest a few bucks and you can earn millions of rupees from your money, what is this, it is called binary option trading, binary options trading in today's post, we will understand step by step

See if you want to sink your money as soon as possible in a short time, If you want to lose your money, you can make a loss, then you can trade this binary option. In today's post, I am explaining about binary options trading in details, you guys read to be very careful, that you trade in binary options trading, currency, commodity cryptocurrency, whatever you have chosen. You have to tell within 1 minute, its rate is going to rise or fall if your guess is correct. for your investment money, Sorry it will not be called investment. You can get a profit of 60 to 80 percent on your gambling money.

Now understand this with an example, let's say that we have chosen gold, the price of gold is going up and down again and again, as we all know. We thought that the price of gold is going to go up in the next 1 minute, so we invested in our $100 gold. If it stays above that price after 1 minute then we will get 60% return ie our $100 will be refunded to us by $160 if it stays below that price we invested, then our $100 also goes. See, when you trade, all the trades will not go in your profit, some will also go in the loss, which will go into profit, on that you will get a profit from 60 percent to 80 percent. And those who go in loss will go your hundred percent. You must have seen that on YouTube, their ad keeps running on Facebook from place to place. A person from Binary Options or Olymp Trade invest $ 100 and in the next few seconds, he got $180 of $100. Why do these people only see ads on digital platforms because they know they will show ads to single people, they will not talk to anyone about it and they will go and sink their money, I have seen many such cases, people think this is a quick-rich scheme, they think that the rest of the people who have become rich only from this one but this is not true.

Now how do people come in the lure of this binary options trading, then the broker of binary options tells you that if you invest $ 100, you will get another $ 100 bonus free. So now it will be from this before you invest $ 100, you get a profit of $ 60, now you invest $ 200, then you will get a profit of $ 120. So the trader thinks it is good that I can earn extra $ 60 with the help of my $ 100, but let me tell you this is a system scam, it is a black hall that will slowly swallow you

Now let's understand its profit and loss. See, if you go right in binary options trading, then you get a profit of 60% to 80%. And if you go wrong then see how much loss in Binary options. If our trade goes wrong in binary options trading, then we lose 100%

If you do options trading inside a regulated exchange like the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. Here if you go for options trading, you will lose as much only you invest, but if you go right, you can earn more money than you have invested here, there can be more than reward risk here. But if we invest in binary options trading and go wrong then 100% goes and if it comes right then 60 to 80 percent get, Meaning the reward in binary options trading is less than the risk and the risk is more than the reward And this is the biggest scam of all these things that the rewards are low and the risk is high, in this way, in the name of binary options trading investment, cheating is going on. Promoting speculation, Expert option, IQ option, Binomo or Olymp trade. There are a lot of binary options like broker platforms those brokers offered to you play 24/7 gambling.

Now talk about UK USA's Western Country, Irrigulated Binary Options Trading has been banned in Western Country, now their eyes are on India. If you see a data analysis about the binary options trading of the US, then it makes sense that here eighty percent of the people lose money and 20% people have made money after that, they also lose it later.

See, if you trade in a regulated exchange, the trade we do is between the buyer and the seller, but if you go to trade in binary options, then we trade with the broker. Meaning if your trade comes right then the broker loses money and if your trade goes wrong then you lose money and if you stay in profit then will the broker give you money easily. See, in binary options trading, if money is made, a little money is made, to show it, a broker will give you a little money, but when big money is made, it does not come out easily when it comes to giving. Maybe your account will be blocked

there is no regulation on the broker of binary options, it shows the certificate of regulation but they are not regulated, they are from Finacom or from Cysec. Now, what are this Finacom and Cysec? See Finacom is the only regulatory body, it does not authorize by the government and when talking about Cysec, the broker who is registered in Cysec can keep his money and client's money in one account. So this is a big scam, that means if the broker has a big loss then the broker can also take the money of the client and run, Now talking about their office, these brokers who are binary trading, very often their offices will get you to register at those locations where there is no regulation. If you get the address of some brokers even on an island, then if there is a scam, then we have to go to an island behind them.

Now even after there is no regulation, how do so many people come to their trap, read it carefully. As many digital platforms such as YouTube blogger & a personality of social media, it gives them a little commission to complement those brokers. On this basis, this sport does not stop, which are many sports events of the sport, they also sponsor them. Seeing all this, the common trader gets into their trap And here starts gambling binary options trading. See according to the Foreign Management Act 1999 in India, according to the RBI guideline, if you are transferring money for foreign exchange terminal portal pay margin funding, then you are doing crime and transferring this money with a credit card, then this is the second crime

See, if you do binary options trading to earn money sitting at home, then maybe the house you are living in now also sells the house and you may have to live outside and maybe in the jail too. See, after understanding all this, if you still have to trade binary options, then there are many people in the society you will do good to him by the help of the money that you are going to lose because you have not to be earned by binary options. The world's most successful investors are saying derivatives are a financial weapon of mass destruction and we say if future and option trading will always be done, neither we have any future nor will we have an option

If you want to make money by investing in the stock market or equity market, then you can make good money if you invest for a long time by keeping a close watch on the valuation. If you want to make money by trading, then analyze the market properly, then by managing money, analyzing risk and rewards and investing in the better-regulated market, Now can you make it there but this product like binary options trading is very dangerous

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