Top five Earning fund managers in the world in 2019

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Top five Earning hedge fund managers in the world in 2019

Hello, today we are going to talk about those hedge fund manager who has made the most money in 2018. So first let's talk about what this hedge fund is and how it differs from a mutual fund. So just as people invest in mutual funds, in the same way, people can invest in hedge funds, but the difference is that anyone can invest in mutual funds and invest with a small amount. Same there is some criterion to invest in the hedge fund, people who fit in that criterion, the same people can invest in a hedge fund. Simply you can say that a hedge fund is for people whose network is very large, you cannot invest with a small amount on a hedge fund. A major difference between mutual funds and hedge funds is that hedge funds invest very aggressively whether the bull market is moving or the beer market is their focus, just on returns for which short-selling methods are adopted as well as in derivatives market We also invest, which mutual funds do not

So the next question comes that if there is such a thing as a hedge fund, why does it not sound much in India, then mutual funds are running in India. If the hedge fund is not heard then the main reason behind this is that there is a lot of restrictions for the hedge fund in India. Sebi, which is the Capital Market Regulator, has made substantial strict restrictions in India for hedge funds. Because of this, hedge funds do not run much in India and there is not even much awareness in India for the hedge fund.

In the US, the hedge funds go much higher, bank and many institutions, as well as high net worth investors, invest heavily in the hedge fund. And so there hedge fund manager this is a very good career option. Let's talk about five hedge fund managers who have made a lot of money in 2018.

The first number comes in this list, Mr. James Simmons, who runs a hedge fund named renaissance technology. In the year 2018, he has earned nearly Rs.11,000 crore, if his net worth is talked about, his total net worth is about 1.5 lakh crores. Renaissance technology is currently managing funds of around 7 lakh crores

Mr. Ray Dalio comes in second place, Ray Dalio currently runs a hedge fund named Bridgewater Associates. In 2018, Mr. Ray Dalio has earned around 8000 crores, if his net worth is talked about, then his net worth is about 125000 crores. Bridgewater Associates is currently managing the fund of 11 lakh crores.

Third place, Mr. Kenneth C Griffin who runs the hedge fund named Citadel. Kenneth c Griffin has earned around 6000 crores in 2018 Mr. Kenneth c Griffin started Citadel hedge fund in 1990, if his net worth is talked about, his net worth total is 81000 crores rupees.

At number four comes Mr. John Overdeck who runs a hedge fund named Two Sigma. Mr. John Overdeck started Two Sigma with Mark Pickard and David Siegel in 2001. In 2018, he has earned 5300 crores, if his net worth is talked about, his total net worth is 42 thousand crores.

Comes at number five David Siegel, who is a Founder of 2 Sigma, has also made Rs 5300 crore in 2018, if his net worth is talked about, his total net worth is also 42 thousand crores, the way the fund manager is making money, these People donate money too

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions relating to this post or from the stock market, you can ask us any questions by commenting in the comment box.
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