This is the best time to become a rich in India

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Hello, friends In this post of today we will talk about whether this time is best to be rich.

India has been growing rapidly over the last few time, so India has been called as Land of Opportunity, India's growth is going to be very good in the coming years. And there are many factors behind it, such as young populations, many startups are coming forward, Nowadays, many startups are doing new innovative things, launching new products and doing good business, which makes it very good for the economy

At the same time, he is also bringing many job opportunities for the people. India has a lot of young populations which will be a positive side for India in the coming years. In the last few years, India was ahead in IT and service sector but now the manufacturing sector is coming up gradually. And many foreign companies are coming to India and trying to set up a manufacturing Sector and some companies have even set up already. So the manufacturing sector of India is going to increase, then the manufacturing sector of India should definitely track you. What is the employment in the manufacturing sector of India, it can be according to the Employment Investment and also according to business accountability Are, And seeing the ongoing growth of India, many foreign companies are coming to India and investing as you can see, the Alibaba Group and Softbank are investing strongly in India, as well as much private equity firm Venture Capital of the US strongly investing in India and we have to find the advantage of these Opportunities

Still, you can say that India has come to an inflation point at the time from where changes started, you can take advantage of these opportunities by investing, that you can do the investment according to your own whether it is in startup and the stock market

Warren Buffett, who is currently 4th Richard Person of the world, started investing in the market at the age of 11. At the age of 11, he had purchased 6 shares of the Cities Service Company, it was not that he started benefiting from the first investment, gradually he started learning from his mistakes and later became a successful investor, Similarly Mr. Carlos Slim, who is the world's 5th richest person, he started investing in the Government Savings Bond at the age of 11 and started investing in the stock market at the age of 12. So at the very young age, starting the investment, firstly, they came to know the meaning of compound interest and its significance is how important the compound interest is and how it can make a person very rich

Mr. Warren Buffett and Mr. Carlos Slim both started investing at a very early age and the rule of investment also says the same as soon as they start, the better it will be because the compounding interest has some time period for work to your favor. It would be better for you to start investing as soon as possible so that the compounding can work in your favor, in the coming posts, I will tell you in the details of what the compounding interest is, how it works, all these things I will tell you in detail.

In order to understand investing in detail, you have to understand Active Income and Passive Income. We get salaried every month. It is our active income ie I will get money in return for the work we do, and if we stop working Giving money will stop coming, the passive income is the same for which we do not have to work as if you have invested some money and then you can get a return that you will have passive income and you don't need longer depend on active income

Mr. Warren Buffett says if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die. that is, he says that you have to find such a way that you will be working for you even when you are sleeping, if you do not do it, then you have to work till you die. Your job is to save your active income. Convert it to Passive Income

Mr. Warren Buffett initially used to earn more money by selling coke cans, which means he used to generate active income. And then investing some money by saving that money from that income i.e. that used to convert active income to passive income. So you should try this same as which you earn active income, convert it to passive income. There are so many opportunities in India, so you can earn a lot of good returns by using the compound as well as working in your favor, you can earn a lot of good returns, If you have to invest a lot of safe investment then you can invest in the fund or the Government bond and if you have to invest in the stock market then you can invest in the Direct Stock Market. For this, you have to learn a lot of things and have to do a lot of analysis which we will explain to you through your posts, which will clear your doubts.

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions relating to this post or from the stock market, you can ask us any questions by commenting in the comment box.
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