How to become a millionaire from the stock market? is it true

How to become a millionaire from the stock market

How to become the millionaire from the stock market

Generally, we get lots of calls and messages from different companies. They say that if you work from our advice then we will earn you a lot of returns and make you millionaires. Many people start investing in the stock market by listening to them or giving them money to manage their money. So we will talk today, rightly earns millions of rupees by investing in the stock market, if yes, then how. not, why not.

So to answer this question we have to first understand how startup investment and stock market investment work, Let's understand this with the help of an example. Let's assume there is a company called ABC whose revenue has 100 crores last year and the profit is 10 crores. Now, after three or four years, the revenues of ABC Company go up to 1000 crore and profit goes to 100 crore, then obviously the value of the company will increase due to the company's business performance growth, So when the company's profit was 10 crores and revenue was 100 crores, Then the people who had invested, When the company's profits are 100 crores and the revenues are a 1000 crores, Now those people will be profitable, So what we mean is that when the company performs well then the valuation of the company increases and when the company performs badly, the valuation of the company decreases.

Let's understand this with the help of an example, Amazon, which is a US-based e-commerce company, has been consistently performing well for the last several years due to which its valuation is steadily increasing, And its ShareHolders are constantly benefiting from it. Same thing Google, Microsoft, TCS, Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank also applies to these companies. So whether you are investing in startups or in a stock exchange-listed company, Ultimately Matter does this, whether or not the business will perform well in the future. If that business shows good growth and becomes successful, its valuation will increase, which will be benefited by its investor. If it does not happen, if it spoils the business then its value will decrease, its loss will have to bear its investor.

As we have seen, the Kingfisher Airlines business has slowed down in 2010 and closed in 2012. So the people who had invested in Kingfisher Airlines had suffered the loss of, Reason is Simple, the performance of his business was poor, due to which investors' returns were also bad.

The stock market is talking about what the stock market is. The stock market is a platform where you can buy shares of a company, that is, you can become a shareholder of that company by purchasing shares. Then if that business performs well in the futures, the valuation of that company will increase, which will benefit you.

The most important thing that we need to understand here is that the performance of any business does not change in 1 or 2 days. It takes a lot of time to launch a special product or if the company has to apply some strategies to apply the strategy and its results come to after a lot of time. So it takes time to show business performance and growth to the company. Business is a process. Everything here does not change in talk. Too many plans have to be done, so many strategies have to be applied, sometimes some things come in favor, whose company is beneficial but in the long term, the strategy for the management company is much more mater. Talk about Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani started working on Reliance Jio several years before the launch of Reliance Jio. After that, the product was launched and after quite a while, the company's business performance began to appear, so it means that it takes some time for any business to grow. So Reliance Industries, which runs Reliance Jio and many other companies, The people who invested in Reliance Industries in 2015 and exit after two or four months after one and a half years did not get any special advantage. But the same people who invested in the company in 2015 and still looking at the future of Reliance Industries, invested in them, then those people would have benefited a lot.

So stock market investment and startup investment is a business investment and you have to look at this business as a business investment. That is, before investing in a company, you have to know whether the company can show good growth in the future, is it currently available at the right valuation. So many such things will have to be seen and if you invest in any company to earn millions of rupees then you will suffer loss. There is a rule of the stock market if you think the stock market is gambling, would be proved gambling for you, So it is better for all of us to see the investment from the investment perspective. So our question was whether we can earn millions of crores of rupees from the stock market, so you can earn exactly but there are some conditions for that. You need to analyze and invest in a company that has growth potential. And that too for a long term and that too you have to invest with the patience, It is not that you will start getting good companies from day one and your investment will be successful from day one. But by step by step learning from your mistakes, one day you can definitely become a good investor. not one or two people there are many people who have earned crores of rupees from the stock market. We will cover the success stories of many such investors in our upcoming post, which includes Mr. Warren Buffett. Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala whose story we have already covered, Miss Dolly Khanna, Mr. Carlos Slim etcetera.

There are quite a lot of Angel Investors who invested in the Earliest Stage And when the startup getting grow, he got a lot of profit. Those who are Long Term Investors, they get the benefit of one more thing and it is the compounding interest that is the interest on the interest which is given the name of 8th Wonder And many people believe, we'll we will talk about compounding again in detail. If there is the talk of India, there are many Angel Investors in India who have made a lot of money by investing in startups. So if any company comes to you and says that we will earn you so much money in such days, you will make Lakhpati or Millionaire you don't need to believe in anything at all. The stock market is not a gambling platform, investing in the business through the stock market, which we can not do by ourselves, we can earn money by investing a little bit of money in the business. When you start in the stock market or in a startup, then there are two things when you choose the right company, you also get the benefit yourself and because of investing your money, that money will be flow for the economy. The country will benefit from the investment and good is both for you and your country. It is not necessary that you should invest in the stock market or startups of analysis of the business are not possible for you, then you can invest in a stock market through mutual funds.

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions relating to this post or from the stock market, you can ask us any questions by commenting in the comment box.
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