Part Time Job in India for bike riders

Part Time Jobs For Bike Riders

Part Time Jobs for Bike Riders

Hello friends, I will tell you about 5 part-time jobs today, Which is best for bike riders and you can earn a lot of money from them and many people are earning even if you want part time or want full time, it is up to you

So friends, let me tell you about those five companies.

  1. Swiggy
  2. Zomato 
  3. Uber eats 
  4. Rapido
  5. We fast 
Friends, there are five companies where you get the opportunity to make good money through your bike, Now about these, let me explain to you one by one in detail, what is their job, how you will be joining.

  • Swiggy:- Friends Swiggy is a food delivery company whose job is to deliver food, It tie-ups with restaurants, And when the customer order to food delivery through them to any restaurant which is tie-ups, So their job is to deliver that food to the customer location, For that, the company hire delivery executives, where Swiggy offer part-time & full-time jobs for delivery executive, Many people do duty in company 8 hours a day, they earn 10 to 15000 Rs, After that, from 7 pm to 12:00 PM duties in Part-Time Swiggy, 10 to 15000 Rs earn in Swiggy, means, In the month of 30 to 35000 Rs they earn, It is not too much, but there is enough to live a good life, So these companies give your salary, every week, I.e. Direct goes to your bank account, so that your hand is never tight due to your money.
  • Zomato:- The structure of this company is also the same as the Swiggy, it is also the food delivery company, Just the incentive of both are different, both companies have different identities, restaurant, Then you can join any of the two companies, Both companies are different, both companies pay salaries in a week, and both companies are Genuine.
  • Uber eats:-Uber eats, This company also delivers food. The company is slightly behind Swiggi and Zomato and its incentives are quite different. More than this, it will only be known by working, but the money is Almost the same, its payment will also be in the week of the week. Friends, one thing and pay attention, there is no holiday in these companies. If you vacation, then your money will cut.
  • Rapido :-Rapido This company provides bike service, its work is also fine, Suppose someone has to go somewhere, 2 kilometers or 10 kilometers away, then they will download the Rapido app, And will book his ride with it, You will then have an order, its direction will show you, Then you will reach him location, Then where to take him, Will show his direction in the app, And all of this money you will get by the kilometer is about 6 rupees per kilometer, Apart from this, it also offers incentives, Where you get good money, Its payment is also weekly, And you can withdraw if you want to withdraw it, There is also an option to withdraw money in it, You don't have to go anywhere for Rapido, It will download the app called Rapido Captain, do your documentation in it, your work will be done on sitting at home, Then you can start working anytime and you have to carry two helmets for you and your customer, If you are free then Rapido is the best option for you. Do not sit empty, do something
  • We fast:- We fast are a Courier Company, You will not have to go anywhere for joining, You'll download its We fast app, Part Time Jobs Will Be Written, In this they asked for documentation, fill out all its documentation. After that you will be given training on call which is a little thing, it is not a big deal. You guys will understand, I know you all are wise, After completing your training, will start showing everything in the app, Suppose you have to take a courier from anyone and give it on the second address, from any city in Delhi, assume that, take a courier from Sarita Vihar. And this courier has to deliver you old Delhi, Then you will get money From 250 to 300 Rs, maybe there will be more than that, Again you will know when you work, This 5 companies I told you does not mean that I have been working in five, But after coming to you with these companies, you will not feel that you are sitting empty, You are not working. Suppose that your job is also not left, then you must have 1 option out of 5 so that there is no problem in your home expenses.
And let me tell you in the last thing if you have to join any of these companies, what documents do you necessary to join

  1. driving license
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Pan Card
  4. Bank statement or check
  5. Your passport size photo
Your work will be done by all of these and you will be able to work in any of these companies.
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