basics of share market what is trader & investor

trader & investor

basics of share market what is trader & investor

there are different ways to enter the stock market. before that i clear one of your common doubt. like many people ask me what is the difference between the investor and the trader. well, the entire stock market is hidden inside this question. and if you understand this question, then you have learned 10 % market.
just like 2 people are required to get married, just like investor and trader are required to run the stock market. traders always provide liquidity for investor & investor always provide volatility for traders. so both are incomplete without each other. that is, I want to say that it is very important to both of them happen for runs the stock market. and what is liquidity and volatility. i will tell you ever again.

  • investor

the investor holds his stock from 1 year to many years. he creates his strategy according to the attitude of the market. it is not that the investor is always profitable. but he is always full of confidence. and if the investor is ever loses, he doesn't get too stagger, rather goes on learning from his mistakes. stock market is a place where you will always learn from trial and error, then you will never be profitable.

better way, is that learn from the mistakes of others, the smart investor do all this.
see investor are not those who invest in any company for 1 or 2 years. without knowing that company completely. they do not know anything about this company. maximum people are in the stock market that the buy a company stock. but they do not know anything about that company's product.

what should the investor do to make profit in the market. first of all, you need to be patient. you need to be active. if you have to become a successful investor then you have to be active. you need to be watch daily basis your portfolio. how are the situations in which stock you invested.

  • trader

second category is trader. the trader always holds stock for a few days to 6 months. trader always follow technical analysis. technical analysis is nothing but repetition of history. it means direct that whatever has happened before, it can happen again. i want to say that technical analysis directly follow the trend. as i said that no one can make any predict to the stock market. in the same way technical analysis also does not guarantee. and talk about the trader profit, only 5% traders get profit from the stock market.

what should the trader do to make profit in the market. first of all, you don't need to active. you need to be patient. if you have to become a successful trader then you have to be patient. active people are very hasty to buy and sell stock. because trader period is very short term. so trader don't need to be active, need to be patient. choose the stock patiently.

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