Basics of stock market investing

Basics of stock market investing

Basics of stock market investing

do you know, in a country like India, where 95% people call speculation to stock market,  they give this opportunity the name of gambling.

mostly new people who are unaware to the stock market. i would like to tell those people, the stock market is not so difficult, as much as you think. and not so easy too, as much as you think. many people are afraid to investment in the share market, and think of it is risk. so let me tell you the about risk. when you do something that you are unaware of, then you are taking risk. now you will think that we are also unaware even from the share market. now you learn something about it before taking risk.

now many people ask us how the share price ups & down. so we tell them that the share price depends on supply and demand. supply means sell & demand means buy. if the number of sellers exceeds the number of people buying. then the share price falls below. & if the number of buyer exceeds the number of sellers. then the price of the share increases.

Basically there are different ways of investing in the stock market, like cash market, Intraday , delivery, short term, long term etc. Mostly people who have achieved success in the stock market choose the long-term.

Many people especially those who invest in the market for the first time. they have to face most of the time losses. he loses his money. i will tell you a new thing, because of which people lose their money. that is many people invest in the market, then earn a good profit in the beginning. because the bullish trend is going on, that is why all the companies are in the bullish trend. so investor invest in any company at the time of bullish trend. then he will have profit. that is why he feels that he has become master in the market. after the end of the bullish trend, new trader or investor has losses their money. and he exit from the market or leaves invest in the share market.

that's why whenever you invest in the stock market, then first you need to analyse the company fundamental and technical. i mean to say you should try invest behalf of analyse. mostly investor dependent on fundamental analysis. because there are some limitations of technical analysis.

bulls market means the rising market. when GDP growing up. when people are getting jobs. stock prices are increasing. so they are called bullish market. choosing stock in the bullish market comparatively easy, because almost every stock is increasing.

bears, when the economy is bad, the recession is running, the stock prices are going down, then it is called bears market. the strategy to make money in the bears market is called short selling. short selling means that if a stock is falling. then by selling it booked the profit.

You like get-rich-quick schemes. In the world of cryptocurrency mania, there are plenty of people out there who are looking at the short term growth. While there are the lucky few who benefit from this type of behavior, this type of behavior harmful for your wealth, the majority of people would be better served with a strategy that maintains steady growth over several years or decades.

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