basic of share market, how to enter in stock market

Basic of share market, how to enter in stock market 

there are many people in this world, who enter in the stock market, and lots of people want to come, but those who want to come to the stock market, what they think before come to the stock market. these things do matter. actually, this does not get rich scheme. people want to earn money, that's great, but how.

I am telling you how. stay tuned

if any new person wants to come in the stock market, then what steps should he take. here is I am telling you

To enter in share market, first of all, you need a trading account ( to buy or sell shares/stocks/equity ) and Demat account ( to hold those share/stocks/securities electronically ). let me tell you something about Demat or trading account, how to open, where is open.
in the stock market, you can't trade directly without open Demat or trading account.

so first you need to open your both Demat or trading account, choose your broker. who will give you best platform, good support with the lowest charges, his terms and conditions, and your broker what are offering you

necessary documents for Demat or trading account

Aadhar card, pan card, bank account, or your bank check, etc. Then submit all

after a few days, your both accounts are activated, your broker give you temporary id password, by post, you have to set your account. If you do not set up the account.

then call your broker or account manager. they set up your account. they give you full demo, how to trade, how to buy, how to sale. and these are a little bit supportive of your journey.

and you become start your stock market journey. that's good.

but how to earn, maximum people before enter in the stock market think this. why in India 95 % of people always lose or fail in the stock market, because they think the stock market is a get rich scheme. they think that in a short period they will become a millionaire. and they start gambling, speculation. this is where people start to loses.
because everyone wants to earn, anyone doesn't want to learn. so, guys, I will just say that to you. when you enter any business. so you need to know a little bit about it, whatever you start. like if you invest in the stock market. then you have to search the company, you should know a little about the company business, like about company product, what is the future of the company, what was the past, if any debt on the company. you just have to do some analysis. and that's it.

guys, in the stock market there are lots of opportunities. but patience is compulsory in this market. because this market never makes you rich in 1 day. and pay attention, never have to do difficult things in the beginning. like interday trading. it was just basic things. if you have to create something from this market then you have to learn a lot.

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